How to back up your data

When you use local storage (the default setting), your data is only kept on your device. There is no cloud backup.

It is therefore important to make sure that you keep a reliable backup or that you keep copies of your records from time to time.

iCloud Backups work, but aren’t reliable

iCloud backups don’t work if you have run out of iCloud storage space, or if you have it disabled. These backups also get deleted permanently after a few months.

Some people make backups to a computer via USB (using Apple’s backup system or an app such as iMazing). This is a lot more reliable than iCloud backups.

Device backups can only be restored as a whole, which is very inconvenient if you wish to recover data for just one app.

Not sure? Do this NOW!

Tap on the folder button in the top left of the screen and choose “Export Local Data”. Then choose whichever option works best for you (Messages, Mail, or Save Files) so you’ll have a copy in your archives if needed.

A better approach

Use the external file storage option (included in Growth+) to automatically sync your data to your preferred cloud file service. Read more here.